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I love the season of Fall here in Iowa. To me it’s the closest thing to heaven. The weather is perfect, mid-70’s, the sun shining with just a slight breeze that carries the smells of leaves and freshness through the air.

Saturdays in the Fall are very spiritual to us Iowans.  Hawkeye football and deer hunting are practiced heavily at this time of year. 

The end result of a hawkeye game can really make or break my week.  Luckily we are 6 and 1 and came out of The Big House in Michigan with a huge W!  My week will be much better knowing we won in front of 113,000 fans mostly consisting of heartbroken Wolverines.

Now its off to the tree stand to practice my secondary religion.  Yes, I consider deer hunting a spiritual experience.  My readers (if there are any, ha!) are going to take this two ways.

I’ll start with those who are thinking, “How can you call killing animals a spiritual experience?”

The actual activity of killing the deer consists of about 1% of an entire hunting experience.. and that’s if you’re lucky. 

To me it’s about sitting in peace.  Being away from people, becoming one with nature and taking in the true elements of life.  And I bet most readers who don’t consider hunting a spiritual experience, have never gone hunting.

This has been one day in the life of Corey Yardley.

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October 17, 2010 at 4:25 AM

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