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What I want for Christmas.

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Hi, this post is going to have a limited audience but I would like to let my family members to know what I want for Christmas.  Here goes nothing..

Corey’s X-mas wish list:

#1.  Microsoft Office 2010 software for my lap-top.  Yes, it’s costly (that’s a pretty expensive pen) and I probably don’t deserve it, but the latest Microsoft Works set is the only reason I even started this blog post.  I would use this constantly for school and writing, I can’t lose it or break it, and I wouldn’t be the only person getting pleasure out of it.


#2.  I never turn down money or gift cards (Scheels, Best Buy, American Eagle, Wal-Mart, Texas Road House, just to name a few).

#3.  Yeah never mind.

In conclusion, I am not as big of a fan of receiving gifts as one might think.  Don’t get me wrong, I love presents but I honestly prefer giving rather than getting.  All I ask for is your love and that alone is the best gift I get.  I never looked at it this way but every day is Christmas, I’m blessed to receive the greatest gift on a daily basis.

Written by coreyyardley

December 1, 2010 at 7:56 AM

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