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My 6th Grade Biography.

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So I was rummaging through my desk at my grandparents house.  I found my biography that I wrote up in 6th grade.  I’ll add the pictures that I drew for each chapter some other time.  My literature project is due Friday, but I couldn’t help but share this with you.  And I’m going to write it word for word, and keep in mind throughout this mini-biography that I was in 6th grade when I wrote this:


1.  Birth

2. Toddler Years

3. Favorite Vacations

4. Kindergarten- 1st Grade

5. 2nd-3rd Grade

6. 4th-5th Grade

7. 6th Grade

8. Future



I dedicate this to my mom, if it weren’t for her I wouldn’t be here, thanks mom.

Chapter 1.  Birth

My due date was September 9th, but I was 9 days late!  So I was born September 18, 1988.  My name Corey, stands for, “the chosen one”.  It took 7.5 hours to get me to the real world.

I was born at 7:11 in the morning.  My birth year was when the shows, Cosby, Roseanne, and last but not least Cheers.

Chapter 2 Toddler Years

When I was small and young I did some pretty funny things, once before my Aunts wedding my mom told me I needed a haircut, so the morning of the wedding my mom was sleeping while I was cutting my own hair, so I jumped on my moms bed and screamed “look mommy I play haircut!”

I used to go to a babysitters, and it was like a jail, I busted out once, but once I got to the street, I remembered that my mom told me I couldn’t cross the road so I went back, I finally told my mom what it was like and she let me stay home alone in 2nd grade.

Chapter 3 favorite Vacations:

My favorite vacation was when we went to Chicago, or was it St. Louis?  We thought it was in Chicago, but my great-grandpa knew it was Cardinal cards day, and hat day the next, so we found out it was St. Louis!  We stayed at our relatives in Dewitt which is right about 15 miles from there.  When we first got there we went to the game, but the Cubs lost 5-2, then we went to the mall and ate at A&W All-American Foods.  I got mini-corndogs and fries

After we got our food we went to the Hampton Inn and slept.  The next day right before the game went to the Gateway Arch, it took a lot of patience, because you wanted to jump in the transporter, but you had to wait until the guides called your color, and your number.  Then of course the Cubs lost, I almost had a home run ball.

Chapter 3 Kindergarten-1st grade

My kindergarten teacher was Ms. Meade.  When I went to kindergarten for my first da, I was sad because I didn’t think I would like it, but after the first day, I loved it.  I told my mom that all of my recess’s are fun, I always played kickball, or swung on the swings, I didn’t really like the food though.

In first grade my teacher was Mrs. Stahl.  My best friend Joe Svare came, I called him Joel at first, but we went on a fieldtrip and we went by his house and he goes, ” theres my house, and a block later I go “theres my house”.  We have been best friends ever since.

Chapter 5.  2nd and 3rd Grade

In 2nd grade I had Mrs. Kooiker she was really nice, I had a lot of my friends in that class like Adam, Joe and Brandon, that was one of my favorite years and teachers.

In third grade I had Mr. Kiegan he was cool and funny, Ian, and Clint were in my class.  Clint Mears and I used to make comic books when we got all of our spelling right.  That year we also won Soaring High.  Mrs. Simmons taught EEA, but Mrs. Lynch our music teacher taught EEA, too.  Mrs. Lynch kicked me out of EEA her first year.

Chapter 6.  4th and 5th Grade

In fourth grade my teacher was Mrs. Hinrichs, not only was she my favorite teacher, but my best friend in that class.

In fifth grade my teacher was Mr. Pedersen, he was also the football coach, Adam, and Ian were in my class.  Mr. Pedersen was really cool, and sort of strict.  As long as you listened then you will do very well in his class, and also you have to try your best and that is all he asks for.

Chapter 7.  6th Grade

This year was great, one of my funnest years, Mrs. B., and Mrs. McCaw were awesome.  We went on 3 field trips one to a concert, and fishing, and pool.  THIS YEAR ROCKED!

Chapter 8.  Future

In the future, I just want a normal life, and go to college and get a good job.

There you go folks, I copied it word for word.  Bad grammer and a lot of run-on sentences, but I just got a kick out of it.  Everything was spelled correctly, I might have a few typos but I never came across a misspelled word.  Well if you enjoyed it make sure you comment, rate it, or both!  Back to work on my lit project!

Corey Yardley


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  1. Here’s more of Corey Yardley’s writing that I wasted more time on. Dude you seriously suck at writing, it’s pretty obvious when you have to copy and paste shit you wrote from 6th grade. Get a life man, and stop calling yourself a writer.

    U. Suck

    Suck, U.

    December 10, 2010 at 2:00 AM

    • harsh much…


      December 14, 2010 at 5:37 PM

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