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A note I found in my baby book from my mom

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I was going through my old stuff, looking for anything that could help me with my memoir.  I found a note that Mom wrote me in my baby book and yesterday was the first time I had ever read it.

“This shouldn’t belong in anyone’s baby book, especially yours Corey. Your daddy died June 20th, 1992, 5 days after his 23rd birthday.
You two just adjusted living together for your first year. Chad and I had a lot of ups and downs, but we finally had it together.  It took awhile for you guys to get used to sharing me, but you did.
You guys were more buddies than anything. When he got home you always wanted to go outside and help unload his truck.  Your favorite was to take the dogs swimming.

Chad had high expectations of you, he wanted you to be tough, just like him. You are so much like him.

I knew your daddy for 7 years, you could say that I raised him. He was such a softy underneath. He really had to grow up quick he wasn’t going to let you go through the same thing that he did.
I know when most people think of your dad they think of a wrestler. When I think of Chad I think of him being a daddy. He taught me so much, he was a natural. I hope you always remember your daddy. If you ever have any questions just ask me.


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February 28, 2011 at 4:54 PM

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