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Jacob Hilgendorf’s trial flawed

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Does Jacob Hilgendorf deserve life in prison? 

For those of you who believe that he should be confined behind bars until his last day, let me start by saying you are definitely right, he should serve time in prison for being involved in the murder of Curtis Bailey.  I also hold deep sympathy for Curt’s 15 year-old son, no kid his age should have to go through that.

I agree with the above statements, but I do not believe that Jacob “Hilgy” Hilgendorf deserves to be sentenced to prison for the rest of his life.

1.  You are innocent until proven guilty.  Forensic analysts couldn’t link any of the evidence found in the crime scene to Hilgy.  The only piece of evidence used against Hilgy is his confession.  His initial confession was inaccurate, because he was trying to cover for the other two involved; his  girlfriend Jessica Dayton, and his mother Denise Frei.  Frei was also Curtis Bailey’s domestic partner, which explains Hilgy’s involvement.

Hilgy’s confession should be irrelevant because there is no physical evidence to prove or disprove what he confessed.  However there were several items found in Hilgendorf’s vehicle that had blood on them.  Curt’s DNA matched the blood found on the evidence.  Only the rubbler glove matched Hilgendorf’s DNA.

Hilgy undoubtedly was an accessory to the crime and should definitely serve the appropriate sentence, but I think that charging him with 1st degree murder is unjust.

3.  Hilgy’s mom Denise Frei is the one who deserves to rot in prision for life.  It’s strange because for Hilgy’s sake I am relieved that Iowa doesn’t enforce a death penalty, but I wish Denise Frei nothing better than death.  Frei admitted to the authorities that this was not her first attempt in killing her partner, Curtis.  Her previous attempt occured 16 days prior to the night that she succeded.  She acted alone on her first attempt, July 3rd, and injected insulin into Curtis via needle, but it wasn’t enough.

Those of you who support Frei and believe that Curtis “had it coming” because of the domestic abuse charge filed against him.  He was charged for abusing Frei, and although abusing your partner is wrong, Frei still had the option of handling the situation properly and could have separated herself from him.  Instead, she chooses to kill an innocent man, and for those of you who believe that Curtis was not innocent then you are obviously letting your biased opinion fog up a clear sky because no matter how badly he beat her, or how many times, he did not deserve to die.

4.  Let’s just say that the evidence did in fact prove that Jacob killed Curtis (which is definitely possible, even likely).  I still don’t believe that murder in the 1st degree is aprropriate for Hilgy. 

I sat by him in class when we attended the same high school, the kid wouldn’t even attempt to kill a fly.  Don’t get me wrong he definitely wasn’t bright, but it was obvious he didn’t have a lot going for him at home.  Curtis hated Hilgy, and even though I didn’t necessarily like Hilgy, it was impossible to hate him.  This case has disturbed and bothered me since day 1. 

I try to put myself in Hilgy’s shoe’s the night of the murder.

My step-dad Curtis hates me and doesn’t allow me in their house, let alone live under the same roof as him and my mom.  The only time I can visit my mom is when she’s at work.  To top it all off Curtis abused my mom at one point in their relationship.

My mom Denise then tells me that she aleady tried to kill him once, and notifies you that she is going to try again.  She tells me that she is doing it for us, and that it will bring us close again.  She ask’s me to stand by in case things get messy.

In conclusion I believe that the sentencing of Jacob “Hilgy” Hilgendorf is too harsh, and that he deserves an appeal.  He deserves a second chance, and I hope that he receives that second chance into the world after he serves his time. 

You may feel differently about the topic, but I will just save you the time now and say that this is what I believe and unless you can bring up something that the court of law didn’t, I most likely won’t care what you have to say. 

I am passionate about the trials involving the murder of Curtis Bailey, because my dad was also murdered, some man took him away from me.  He didn’t serve life in prison, and was released.  I’m unaware of the amount of time he served, all that I know is that he is a free man right now.  If he can be free, then why can’t Hilgy?

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  1. i completely agree with you in every single way , this is just unfair and not right , i dont get it one bit , should he spend time in jail? yes , his whole life? no, what has this world come to?


    April 6, 2011 at 2:14 AM

  2. cant they take this to a higher court system?


    April 6, 2011 at 2:22 AM

  3. This whole case is a nightmare. Denise was a dear friend of mine when she lived in MI and I was in total shock when I first heard of this happening. This is not the Denise that I knew and loved. I remember talking to her one time by phone and she told me how abusive Curt was to her and how she ducked and he put a hole in the wall. Do I think she should have tried to kill him? Of course not but my understanding is he threatened to kill her boys and her if she tried to leave him. She had to have snapped to even think of doing things of this nature. She was the one turning drug dealers in, not using drugs herself in MI I do not think Jacob deserves to spend the rest of his life in prison either. He was always the shy little kid of the neighborhood. He got caught up in helping him mom. Yes, serve some time, but no life.


    August 15, 2011 at 7:35 PM

  4. I’m right there with you. I was good friends with Hilgy at the time this happened and I know he didn’t do it he took the blame to try and keep his mom out of prison. She got what she deserved anyway..😏

    Michelle Towns

    May 26, 2017 at 9:11 PM

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