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Well I got lazy again.  If anyone ever has a topic that they would like me to write about please let me know on facebook, or comment on here.

Do humans carry souls?  No.  I believe that when you die, you are dead. 

What about animals?  Humans are animals.  I learned in religion class that animals do not have souls, which made me believe that humans do not have souls either. 

Was September 11th a government conspiracy?  I always love a good conspiracy, and although skeptics bring up a valid argument, I don’t think it was a conspiracy.  But I think there were Americans who knew it was coming, especially the stock brokers who were selling the airline stock.

Do you believe a plane actually hit the pentagon?  Yes. 

Are the methods the U.S. is using to handle illegal immigration satisfactory?  Yes and no.  I am satisfied because illegal immigrants are used for cheap labor, and although it is illegal our economy has strived off cheap labor and slavery.  I say no because if we truly wanted to keep illegal immigrants out of our country we could, we’re the United States of America. 

Do you think that John F. Kennedy’s assasination was a government conspiracy?  There are so many unanswered questions and it appears that they tried to cover something up.

Do you believe that the moon landing in 1969 actually happened?  Yes.

Do you believe in ghosts?  No.

Can subjection to violence in media lead to violence in the real world?  No. 

Did O.J. Simpson murder his wife?  Yes.

 Do you believe going to war in Iraq was the right thing to do?  No.  It’s expensive and we are fighting a war with a country that lives to fight.  It can’t end well for us.

Can we as people ever co-exist with each other peacefully?  Not entirely, that would be far too boring. 

Do you believe the course of our lives are pre-determined by unseen/unknown forces?  No. 

Was the governments reaction to Hurricane Katrina acceptable?  No.

 Are celebrities punished justly for crimes they commit?  No, they are given special priveleges.

 Can we ever win the war on terror?  Doubtful 

Are professional athletes over-compensated for their abilities?  Yes extremely over-compensated.  I wrote a blog post regarding the salaries of professional athletes.

 Are there other intelligent beings in the universe?  I hope so.  I haven’t seen the entire universe so I can’t tell you yes or no.  And if there are intelligent beings on the universe I hope that they are more inelligent than us. 

Should the 1st Amendment protect all forms of expression, including those that may be offensive or harmful to others?  Yes, but we will never have the freedom of speech here in the United States again.

Is it better for one innocent man to be sent to death or 5 murderers to be pardoned?  5 murderers to be pardoned.

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March 3, 2011 at 4:18 PM

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