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Last year on this day, March 23rd, 2010, was much different than this year.
I had this strange sleep disorder where I would wake up at 5 o’clock in the morning stay up until about 9 o clock then sleep again until 1. Well last year when I was lying in my bed tossing and turning hopelessly I heard my mom make a strange sound from the upstairs bathroom.
I sat up and listened in more closely. The sound of my mother vomiting hiked my adrenaline momentarily. Then I remembered I don’t do puke and she’s a registered nurse what could I really do without making a bigger mess?
I also remembered all of the times when I was a little kid and she would put a cold, wet, wash cloth on the back of my neck while puking. She stopped doing that when I got to college, I also deserved what I got every time I vomited.
I ventured upstairs and when I got to the kitchen the sound of silence was eery. Silence was either really good or really bad.
I peeked in the bathroom and saw Mom lying in her own bloody puke. The blood was a dark and deep red. Panic.
“Mom are you okay?” I cried.
No answer.
“C’mon Mom answer me!”
I ran into her room and called the first person in her contacts list. Allison Schlabach:
“Allison its Corey my moms puking up blood and won’t respond I don’t know what to do should I call 911?”
I heard Mom manage a moan from the bathroom, “Noo!” She cried.
I kept Allison on the line for support as I ran back to the bathrooom and asked Mom, “Then who do you want me to call?!”
I call Jamie, her husband and my step-dad. I catch him up and tell him how urgent it is and he let’s me know he’ll be right over.
To be continued..

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March 23, 2011 at 11:03 PM

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