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Tonch Weldon Sentenced to Life in Prison

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Yet another murder trial involving Marengo, Iowa was wrapped up Tuesday.  Tonch Weldon received First-degree murder after an intense trial that lasted one week.  The decision wasn’t easy for the jury, they deliberated for 5 days before they reached their verdict.

The victim was Amy Gephart, whom shared an open relationship with Tonch and his wife Amanda.  Amanda had a change of heart however, and wanted to leave Tonch to just be with Amy.

Tonch wasn’t having any of this however and allegedly said,”If I can’t have her, then neither can you”, and shot Amy in the chest with a 20-gauge shotgun.  After shooting and killing Amy, Tonch then turned the gun onto himself and attempted to commit suicide.  Amanda struggled for the gun as Tonch shot himself and menuevered it just enough to make him misfire.  Tonch was in critical condition and was air-cared to the hospital.  He basically blew his jaw off, and had to get his face restructured.

I think that the jury got it right, and after following the Casey Anthony trial I was very nervous that our justice system would once again fail.  My heart goes out to the friends and family of Amy Gephart.  I didn’t personally know her but I heard she was a very nice woman and it is very sad that her life had to end so soon.

My heart also goes out to Amanda Weldon and her children.  The Weldon kids weren’t in the house but were right outside and witnessed this mess through the window of their home.  I am so sorry that this family has to go through this, and you will frequently be in my thoughts and prayers, along with the Gephart family.

As for Tonch, justice prevailed and even though I heard you were a very nice guy, but it’s obvious that you mishandled this situation and now you have to take responsibility for your actions.  I followed the trial live via Trish Mahaffey’s live blog, and during the trial people kept repeating, “Tonch is the nicest guy” or “It was an act of passion”.  The defense claimed that it wasn’t premeditated, and even used the argument that he had been drinking.  It was premeditated if he loaded the gun, said his final words to Amy, then turned the gun around and tried to kill himself.  

I wish that Tonch would have handled this situation differently, but he didn’t.  And for that I am glad that he didn’t succeed in killing himself, and has to spend his life in prison


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  1. He was a nice guy who made an awful decision…I’m sorry for all those involved. The jury did their job and I commend them for it, it must’ve been difficult. I hope and pray that these children aren’t mocked or teased as they start school this fall (with all the media attention and such) Your post was written well and was tasteful, I’d just like to remind everyone else who writes and comments about it to remember that there are children involved and to keep it appropriate. I sympathize with all families and friends involved, may Amy’s family find the closure they need and may Weldon’s family find strengh and may those kiddos be able to move on, can’t imagine what they’re going through…


    July 29, 2011 at 3:44 AM

  2. Thank you for your comment Ashley that was very nice of you. I really hope they aren’t given any grief at school either, but I have faith in our school system that if there’s a situation that it will be handled properly.


    July 29, 2011 at 4:54 AM

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