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My book in a Nutshell.

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Take a walk in the shoes of Corey Yardley as he takes you through his life journey of 22 years. He finally copes with the death of his father after dodging the tragedy for almost 15 years. Who knows how long he would have just pretended like nothing happened if it weren’t for the death of one of Corey’s best friends, Caleb Cronbaugh. Caleb’s death fell on the same day that his dad died, June 20th. What’s even more strange is that his dad’s best friend, John Smith, who witnessed his dad’s murder was also the first person to arrive on the scene following Caleb’s fatal accident.
This was when Corey started writing down his life. He started to find reasoning behind some unfortunate events that took place his entire life. He takes you on a journey and shares life experiences that many people face today. He’s only 22 but he truly believes that every door in life serves a purpose. Even if it seems like the wrong door at the time, all of it’s contents still serves a purpose.
Corey’s story is moving and motivating. These aren’t the typical memoirs of a 22 year old boy/man.

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August 18, 2011 at 3:43 AM

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