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My Biggest Challenge

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The biggest challenge that I face is learning how to have fun without alcohol again. Ever since I started drinking after high school, I found it necessary to use alcohol to have fun.
Some of you may know where I’m coming from, and some of you may think I’m silly. I need to re-learn how to have fun and socialize without alcohol.
It has been 32 days, and I have yet to hang out with my best friends. And trust me, they would love to hang out with me and would respect my sobriety. That’s why they are my best friends! I just find it so difficult to hang out with them without having a beer in my hand. Hopefully some of them read this and can talk me into hanging out.
It may sound as though I have not had ANY fun this month, but this is far from true!
Firstly, my job is the greatest and I will get into that in a different post! I have managed to find a few fun things to do when I am not working. My good buddy from work and I went to a Hawkeye basketball game and I had a blast.. GO HAWKS!
But yesterday was probably the most fun I have had in years.. Mom and I went to The Brass Armadillo in Des Moines. Basically a HUGE indoor flea market.. It took us a little over 3 hours to look at everything! You can question my sexuality all you want, but antiquing is something fun I can do without even thinking about alcohol. It gives me that natural high to look at a bunch of random junk! Whatever works right?
But the best part was getting to spend the day with my Mom. My best friend. I’m not exaggerating when I say that we took 7 wrong turns the entire trip (we made other stops in altoona at McDonalds, Walmart, Target, and Bass Pro) there and back. Most people would argue and bitch at each other, but after each wrong turn we took, we laughed harder and harder even though it truly was frustrating.
Thankfully, we made it home and will never leave home without a GPS device again!
I’m so lucky to have such great support from my friends and family. I know I can do this, and they know I can do this. I think if I make it to January 2nd, 2014, I’m home free.
Thanks for reading everyone and I appreciate the supportive comments!


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November 24, 2013 at 6:46 PM

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