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I just got done reading Dan Gable’s latest book of his short stories.  Incredible read by the way.  But in it, he describes the Fieldhouse in Iowa City where they held practice.  

I get that same rush of energy every time I check in to volunteer for the Mid-Winter tournament in Iowa City.  It was my 3rd year in a row volunteering.  You may find some in Mexico, some in Florida, but you will always find me in Iowa City helping (more cheering) a talented and hard-working group of athletes.  

My first year I helped with powerlifting, second I kept score for 3 on 3 basketball and then this year I got to do powerlifting.  I side-spotted the lifters.  The moment they lift the barbell off of the rack and bring it down to their chest I can’t help but yell, “Up, up, up!”  All while concentrating making sure that the barbell gets racked properly.  After that it’s time to cheer again.  I’ll be loud clapping, hooting and hollering, and high-fives all around!

To be continued tomorrow!


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March 15, 2015 at 5:55 AM

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