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Denise Frei Trial

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Denise Frei, 45, from Marengo, Iowa is on trial this week in Scott County for the brutal murder of her boyfriend Curtis Bailey, 33.  Her son, Jacob Hilgendorf, 21, and his girlfriend, Jessica Dayton, also 21, were involved and both were convicted of 1st degree murder.

According to Frei, Bailey had abused her sexually, physically, and verbally.  She told authorities that he threatened to kill her entire family, including burning Hilgendorf and killing her 4 year old grandson if she tried to leave him.

Frei felt like she had no control over the situation and felt as though not even the authorities could protect her and her family, so she took matters into her own hands.  She mentioned unsuccessfully trying to kill him with insulin a couple weeks before she got the job done.

Although she got the job done, things didn’t go as smooth as she planned.  The plan was to drug up Bailey with prescription medications and liquor.  Bailey even bragged to co-workers earlier in the day that he was going to have a three-some with Denise and another girl.  That other girl was Hilgendorf’s girlfriend Jessica Dayton.  Frei and Dayton agreed to do a sex act for every shot of whiskey that Curtis did.  Once Bailey was passed out Frei and Dayton were going to wrap him up with plastic wrap to suffocate him.

Curtis wakes up however, and realizes what they are trying to do to him so he fights back.  He was a big guy, and could easily handle the two girls on his own which is why Denise asked her son Jacob to help, too.

Between the three of them they could have delivered up to 30 blows to his head with a landscaping rock, he also suffered multiple and deep lacerations from a glass candy dish.  They attempted to clean everything up but there was too much blood, it was everywhere.

Jacob and Jessica grabbed as much evidence from the scene as they could and threw it in Hilgendorf’s Ford Explorer and headed off to a friends house to stay the night.  They burned their clothes and some of the evidence from the scene.  Obviously we know that it didn’t end well for any of them.

I don’t know very much about the law so if someone out there that is more knowledgable could please help me out with this I’d greatly appreciate it-

What is Hilgendorf’s lawyer doing?  Is he waiting for Frei’s trial before he make’s his move and appeals Hilgendorf’s sentencing?  He didn’t even try to defend Hilgendorf during his trial, I hope that this is strategy.

How many mothers ask their son and his girlfriend to help kill the man that tore up their mother/son relationship?  It’s obvious Hilgendorf’s father wasn’t around, so when your one and only parent, the woman who gave you birth asks for a favor and promises that it will bring you two closer together.  That it will end the abuse and end their fears, and promises a new beginning.. What would you do?

Jacob should be in prison for knowing that a plan was in tact and for trying to help clean up with things got messy.  But there is no physical evidence proving he killed Curtis Bailey in the 1st degree.

I would like to know what you guys think-



Tonch Weldon Sentenced to Life in Prison

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Yet another murder trial involving Marengo, Iowa was wrapped up Tuesday.  Tonch Weldon received First-degree murder after an intense trial that lasted one week.  The decision wasn’t easy for the jury, they deliberated for 5 days before they reached their verdict.

The victim was Amy Gephart, whom shared an open relationship with Tonch and his wife Amanda.  Amanda had a change of heart however, and wanted to leave Tonch to just be with Amy.

Tonch wasn’t having any of this however and allegedly said,”If I can’t have her, then neither can you”, and shot Amy in the chest with a 20-gauge shotgun.  After shooting and killing Amy, Tonch then turned the gun onto himself and attempted to commit suicide.  Amanda struggled for the gun as Tonch shot himself and menuevered it just enough to make him misfire.  Tonch was in critical condition and was air-cared to the hospital.  He basically blew his jaw off, and had to get his face restructured.

I think that the jury got it right, and after following the Casey Anthony trial I was very nervous that our justice system would once again fail.  My heart goes out to the friends and family of Amy Gephart.  I didn’t personally know her but I heard she was a very nice woman and it is very sad that her life had to end so soon.

My heart also goes out to Amanda Weldon and her children.  The Weldon kids weren’t in the house but were right outside and witnessed this mess through the window of their home.  I am so sorry that this family has to go through this, and you will frequently be in my thoughts and prayers, along with the Gephart family.

As for Tonch, justice prevailed and even though I heard you were a very nice guy, but it’s obvious that you mishandled this situation and now you have to take responsibility for your actions.  I followed the trial live via Trish Mahaffey’s live blog, and during the trial people kept repeating, “Tonch is the nicest guy” or “It was an act of passion”.  The defense claimed that it wasn’t premeditated, and even used the argument that he had been drinking.  It was premeditated if he loaded the gun, said his final words to Amy, then turned the gun around and tried to kill himself.  

I wish that Tonch would have handled this situation differently, but he didn’t.  And for that I am glad that he didn’t succeed in killing himself, and has to spend his life in prison

Elf Ear Modification

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Sorry for doing a complete 180 with my posting but when I was watching Good Morning America earlier this A.M. I just couldn’t help but rant about this. 
Just when I thought I’d seen it all, modifying your ears to be pointy like an elf is becoming a trend here in the United States.  This “surgery” can cost anywhere from $2,000-$8,000 U.S. Dollars.
First of all I would rather chop off one of my ears than look as idiotic as the woman in the image to the left.  What is trendy about looking like a complete fucking idiot?  Think about the people who do have pointy ears like that and got made fun of when they were kids, I’m sure they would much rather trade you ears.  But no, you go out of your way, spend thousands of dollars, and cut up your ears to look like Buddy the Elf.  Good Morning America said that once you get this modification done, there’s a very slim chance to get your ears back to normal once you’ve done so.  I thought that people with those big ass holes the size of a half-dollar coin looked moronic but this definitely takes the cake.  And what if Jesus were to come back and see you looking like this?  What would he even say to you?
Honestly it’s not funny, it’s not cool, it has to go down as the stupidest thing that I have ever seen in my life, if I saw this “operation” getting done to somebody I would definitely ask them why?  Unless you plan on making your career as Santa’s right hand man for the rest of your life, please save yourself the humiliation when you are 80 years old and in the nursing home with no hair and pointy ears. 

Written by coreyyardley

April 7, 2011 at 4:04 PM

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